Artist Statement


“Nature’s art surrounds us and it’s the colors & shapes of the natural world that most inspire my approach to making art.   Creating these abstract designs brings me terrific pleasure. I hope they bring the same to you.”


I love being an artist. I’m self taught; I’ve always learned best from trial & error. In 2004 I began experimenting with resin and soon thereafter it became my career medium of choice.   All of my work is of mixed media, and crystal clear resin is the catalyst throughout. The aesthetic properties of resin enhance everything I love about my chosen genre… enhanced textures, intensified colors, and reflective finishes that exaggerate depth and imply motion. Add intentional lighting to emphasize exactly the nuance desired, the look is deep, seemingly liquid, and frequently begs the question “OK to touch it?”   My reply is always “Absolutely!” The finish is beautifully durable.

Working with resin means working within limitations of temperature and timing, but also within that structure is a surprising degree of flexibility that rewards spontaneity beautifully. Some projects are step-by-step processes that require staying on track from beginning to end, while others evolve in completely unplanned directions and remind me that patience is a virtue. Whichever the direction, each piece is a one of a kind original, typically two to three weeks in the making. Depending on desired effect, I work on either canvas or wood panel.

AVAILABLE & ACQUIRED Collections on this site will give you an idea of my styles, past and present. I update both collections regularly.   If anything here sparks an interest or an idea, I welcome hearing from you via my Contact page. Let me know where you’re located if you’d like a gallery referral.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.